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Fluoropolymer Coating Diversity and Capacity

Posted by Jon Goodwin on May 23, 2016 4:19:47 PM

Big to Small and High-Volume to Quick Turn Fluoropolymer Coating

If you are looking for custom fluoropolymer coatings for your applications—whether you are in medical biopharmaceutical, food processing, industrial chemical processing, require coating for electrical components, or for military purposes—it’s vital that you have a fluoropolymer coating applicator that can provide capabilities as diverse as your needs.

flouropolymer_coating_diversity_capacity.jpgIt’s about What You Want

You want quick turnarounds on rush orders. You should be able to call the shots on whether you place a large volume order today, or a small order next month—perhaps a prototype six months from now. And it would be fantastic if the same company could handle all of it. Just think of the investment in time, engineering, and resources it takes for even one of these criteria to be met to satisfaction. But an applicator that has deep and broad experience with all of the above is like having Big Papi (Boston Red Sox reference, for those two of you who may not be familiar) on your team to make sure it gets done—and done right.

American Durafilm has been around longer than Big Papi has been shoring up the Red Sox’s roster, and takes pride in our status as being one of the oldest players in the fluoropolymer coating big league. Here’s a rundown of our roster:      

  • 6 ovens ranging in size up to an 8’ x 8’ x 13’ cavity
  • Small minimum order
  • Ability to also handle large volumes
  • One of 3 original DuPont™ (now Chemours™) licensed industrial applicators—offering years of experience dating back to our founding in 1949.
  • Diversity of parts: shapes, sizes, substrate materials, etc.
  • Can spray prototypes/test materials
  • Short lead times with possibilities for expedited service

Tailored Versatility

Pretty versatile! We could even coat a small car in our largest oven, but it’s often used to coat everything from industrial bakeware and environmental testing equipment to laminating equipment. That doesn’t mean we can’t do the small, intricate work for products, such as tiny springs, washers, and medical equipment. We can tailor to different geometries, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever size product or part you have, we are set up to take on large-volume orders—as well, our minimum order size is small, so you can get the same high-quality coatings with small lots as we provide with larger volume customers.

This is especially advantageous if you need prototypes or test materials. Because we’ve been in the coating business since 1949 as one of the three original DuPont™ (now Chemours™) licensed industrial applicators, as well as experience with other major coatings brands, we have years of experience with all manner of shapes, sizes, substrates, conditions, and circumstances to provide the right guidance for your new products—and those our customers have repeatedly relied on us for. Our pinch hitter? We have short lead times and can expedite production and delivery.  

Solving Problems for Customers

Think of our capabilities this way (because we do!): everything we coat is designed to solve a problem for our customers. Whether it’s Teflon® coating on pipes to keep the metal from degrading or coating food service molds for repeated high-temperature exposure, quick release, and easy clean properties. It’s all in picking the right coating for your end needs. Some factors to consider: 

  • Abrasion
  • Chemical
  • FDA compliancy
  • Temperature
  • Wear resistance 

 Fluoropolymer Diversity 

Fluoropolymers are very diverse and work for different products and uses because of their properties and, of course, the job you need them to do. A reputable, knowledgeable fluoropolymer applicator will be able to recommend the right coating for your job. Is unaltered PTFE your best choice for an application that requires a high heat tolerance? Would the balanced properties of Durafilm Teflon® Black serve your end-use needs best? We’ll touch all bases with you—and walk you through it all.

As is the industry standard, we do have a minimum lot charge, though we are able to handle one and two pieces, not just big batch shipments. We can meet the diverse needs of many companies across industries. American Durafilm provides flexibility all around—in the coating, shapes and sizes that can be coated, and the quantity of materials we can coat. The versatility of these functional coatings allows for almost unlimited application to a wide variety of substrate materials, part sizes, and configurations—always adding value far beyond the inherent non-stick qualities. 

American Durafilm® is the oldest and most experienced licensed applicator of Chemours™ (formerly DuPont) Teflon® coatings in the United States. We are also an approved applicator of Whitford™ Xylan® and Dykor® coatings, as well as Halar®, Emralon®, Everlube®, MolyKote®, and hundreds of other functional coatings designed to improve and enhance the performance of your products. 

Download our white paper, “Selecting the Correct Fluoropolymer Coating for Maximum Performance” to learn more about how to select the right coating for your next job. At American Durafilm, we help customers find the right solutions for many situations—this white paper will help guide you on your way.

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