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A Case for Cavero Coatings

Posted by Jon Goodwin on Apr 15, 2024 6:00:00 AM

Because coatings can all sound the same when listing their properties, even when nothing could be further from the truth, we wanted to show you what it could look like when Cavero Coatings, our newest product line, becomes a great option.


If you are looking to get medical devices or labware to prevent corrosion, insulate, or promote release and a thin, durable coating that will deliver exceptional and reliable performance, and it must also be FDA compliant, then we would normally recommend PVDF or PFA. Now that we offer Cavero Coatings, we can also recommend CAVERO 4200 Series options. Not only does Cavero meet the demands, it provides a range of water-based and powder solutions that can be tailored to meet almost any application. We can now provide a number of solvent-free options for a mindful eye toward environmental sustainability.

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Because all coatings are not created equal, a good conversation about the project is always the best way to discover the highest quality, most economical solution to a challenge.

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