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Introducing Resealable Duralok™ Bags!

American Durafilm has created the first and only 100% FEP Duralok™ technology. What does that mean for you? Durability and a secure liquid and airtight enclosure for your critical or caustic sample bags (not rated for pressure). It means no more clamps or expensive heating equipment or extra time and resources spent to properly seal your field and lab samples.

You get:

  • All the same benefits of FEP and Kapton® film
  • Varied uses: cryogenic storage; chemical storage, extreme temperature storage, vacuum bagging, and many more uses
  • Standard size availability, along with custom sizing

Take a look at how you can now solve the most pervasive problem that has plagued FEP and Kapton® bags since their inception almost 50 years ago.



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